It’s a Drama, Not a Documentary

I forgot how bad things went for the monarchy in the 90s. While watching The Crown, I remembered bits and pieces about Charles and Diana's marriage implosion. I remembered Andrew Morton's book and the sensation it caused. The Panorama interview with clips sent worldwide, especially the famous quote, "There were three of us in this … Continue reading It’s a Drama, Not a Documentary

Music Monday: God I Hope This Year is Better Than the Last by SYML At first, I thought the name of the artist was an acronym. Further research showed it's the name used by Brian Fennel and pronounced "sim-Muhl," the Welsh word for simple. I heard it in 2021, hoping that year would be better, then hoped for 2022 to be better, and now the song fits 2022 … Continue reading Music Monday: God I Hope This Year is Better Than the Last by SYML

T’was The Day Before Christmas Break

I had an online event yesterday, a surprisingly well-attended one. It's for students starting in January to get to know college services and spaces. Two tour groups came through in person and joked it doesn't feel like we came back this fall but much longer. Meanwhile, I write. I have a blog post in the … Continue reading T’was The Day Before Christmas Break

The Pachdyerm App

First off, who would name a social media platform after a long-extinct furry elephant? Second, who creates a platform more difficult to use than the bird app they are trying to better? I signed up on Mastodon or at least one of their server communities and noticed more words to use in their posts, 500, … Continue reading The Pachdyerm App

Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Not a day goes by as somebody claiming to be Richard Armitage follows me on Instagram or tries to slide into my DMs on the platform. It's a game of report-block-delete, depending if it's a message or a follow. I admit to having a certain glee reporting the asshats. First, they believe I am some … Continue reading Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift Official Lyric Video It's actually Sunday as I write this first Music Monday in a long time. Outside the snow falls gently, remaining white on my car but turning the pavement wet. It's not the right conditions to remain on the ground, but winter is coming and I have a puffer coat from Torrid … Continue reading Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift

Forget the Phone Book, Richard Armitage Has to Read This Book

Did I get Geneva? Do cheetahs run fast? Do Leopards have spots? Is the Pope Argentinian? However, I don't want to put it on before bed, set the timer, and fall asleep. It's what happened lately to my other audiobooks and I don't want it to happen to this one, especially not this one. While … Continue reading Forget the Phone Book, Richard Armitage Has to Read This Book

She’s Back!

I started work last week after finishing my leave. My Gradual-Return-to-Work plan began with two days, this week three, next week four, then full-time the week of July 11. I haven't written on this blog in a few months, maybe a comment here and there, occasionally checking to see what's up with the bloke since … Continue reading She’s Back!

Music Monday: Running Up That Hill with Kate Bush

In honour of the extraordinary resurgence of ‘Running of that Hill’ on Stranger Things, I am rerunning this post. I am thrilled a new generation will get to know Kate Bush’s music and 15-year-old me playing the music in my own walkman, punches the air with happiness.

Unpaused Life

While people listened to Top 40 pop or hair metal, Samantha Taylor’s Video hits introduced me to a female solo artist out of Britain with this video:

This video caused me to head to a shop on Portage Avenue downtown, with records on the main floor, then a downstairs section with loads of cassette tapes. I had to take antigen injections for allergies at the Boyd Building nearby, but I had some time to kill and some money to spend. I found the tape, Hounds of Love, and bought it. She belongs to a select group of artists whose tapes I have worn out on that Walkman.

Soon more cinematic videos followed the album. It’s hard to call them ‘music videos’ when they feel like short films with their own score. Cloudbusting comes to mind featuring Bush as the daughter of an inventor played by Donald Sutherland:

Despite taking years between…

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Confort TV in a Medically Mandated Time

Thanks for all the encouraging comments after my last post. It felt like talking from the bottom of a well, and it reminded me of this short based on a Brene Brown Talk: RSA does great animated shorts The first week felt weird. People see a broken arm and go 'okay' while scrutinizing mental … Continue reading Confort TV in a Medically Mandated Time