Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

After seeing the top songs and artists I listened to in 2021, let's see who might make next year's list. A recap When I like a track, it gets played on a loop. The more loops it gets played, the more it ends up on my 'Repeat' playlist, before the shock I played a song … Continue reading Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

Picking My Online Spaces

I started blogging with Livejournal way back in 2003. I had to get a code to access the site and found myself posting my thoughts and enjoying the process. Facebook didn't happen until 2007 when I started my Library and Information Technology program. Many classmates made up my earlier friend's list, and it taught me … Continue reading Picking My Online Spaces

Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

December begins the month of winding down and looking back. Before those end-of-year lists arrive in bunches, first comes Spotify Wrapped or, as I like to call it, how much time I spend with my earphones on at the office. By 'office,' I also include at home. On social media, people present their findings for … Continue reading Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

Thursday Night with Brene

Unlocking Us was Number 2 I saw a listing for an untitled new Brene Brown book a while back. I immediately placed an order at my local bookstore and got noticed not only will I get the book, but I will also attend a live zoom launch for 'Atlas of the Heart,' now the official … Continue reading Thursday Night with Brene

Music Monday: Stephen Sondheim

When I was a kid, Judy Collins appeared on television and sang 'Send in the Clowns.' I felt sad as she sang the words: Isn't it rich?Are we a pair?Me here at last on the groundYou in mid-airSend in the clowns It was the 70's and I assumed all pop music was like that, sad … Continue reading Music Monday: Stephen Sondheim

Sunday in the Condo With Fatima

I finished writing a Music Monday post in honour of Stephen Sondheim. As you can also see, I didn't write every day like I had planned. One of the most popular questions on social media apps like Tik Tok is asking about something without saying the thing. For instance, how do you say you're depressed … Continue reading Sunday in the Condo With Fatima

Music Monday: Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits

(I know I said no more embedding, but the video for this selection proved essential to show for this post.) A Miami Vice episode entitled 'Out Where the Buses Don't Run' marked the first time I heard this song. I knew it was Dire Straits from Mark Knopfler's singing to the guitar chords. Brothers … Continue reading Music Monday: Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits

Feeling Wobbly, Maintaining Faith

Yesterday, I had a car accident. A flat-bed truck went into my lane, and I swerved into the one next to me, banging into another card, but luckily nobody was hurt. It capped off a day feeling overwhelmed (I cancelled my training session to sleep some more, too.) and made me pull the internal 'stop' … Continue reading Feeling Wobbly, Maintaining Faith

Back on Level Ground

"Sometimes, you have to go up really high to understand how small you are." — Felix Baumgartner Credit: Fatima DeMelo I enjoy flying. The taking-off part makes my stomach drop as I let go of the control on the ground and rely on someone to take me up and do it safely. After being confined … Continue reading Back on Level Ground

Music Monday: Waterloo by ABBA

I had to make a decision about participating in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) or giving National Blog Posting Month (NaBloMo) a shot. Both happen in November and both can help me build a writing habit. I had no new novel ideas to draft and the old ideas didn't want to get picked up. … Continue reading Music Monday: Waterloo by ABBA