Grammar Gremlins

  When we name the parts, we take away the mystery and turn writing into a problem that can be solved. -Stephen King   I speak English, but another language embedded itself in my head first. My parents spoke Portuguese back in the days Canadian immigration didn't mandate language benchmarks or fluency for newcomers. My parents … Continue reading Grammar Gremlins

Writer’s Plank

I don't have writer's block in the classic sense of the term.  For most people, writer's block implies not able to write anything, at all.  No words flow our just anxiety like a cork on a wine bottle nobody can get out, until one breaks the top of the bottle to get at some of … Continue reading Writer’s Plank

A Week Off I Didn’t Want

I ignored the sign three weeks ago. After a chiropractic adjustment, despite feeling better from a back spasm in January, I noticed a twinge in my lower back.  I likened it to post work out muscle soreness. On Thursday the gradual pain turned into immobility. After calling work,  I grabbed some sweat pants and a … Continue reading A Week Off I Didn’t Want