The Many Lives, and Rumoured Deaths, of the Library

Another day, another libraries-are-dead article making the rounds.  This one comes from Techcrunch, a publication I normally enjoy reading for its thoughtful analysis of technology issues, or the latest gadgets.  This time a writer named MG Siegler wrote the following:A simple link. That’s all it took to unleash a hailstorm of angry emails, messages, tweets, … Continue reading The Many Lives, and Rumoured Deaths, of the Library

Reverse Psychology, or Satire?

Last week the city of Winnipeg announced 8 libraries will finally get new buildings.  It's not about closing libraries, it's about closing older buildings, some lacking access for the physically challenged, and reopening them in 14,00 square foot facilities.  For once talk of rebuilding libraries instead of reducing them.  The Winnipeg Free Press reported the … Continue reading Reverse Psychology, or Satire?