Guess That Dwarf

I really should create a new tag called ‘I found this by accident’.  As mentioned in a previous post, I follow the development of The Hobbit from its director changes, to casting, and now to its production.  The keeps tabs on news and they seem to have a network of spies to rival MI-6.

Pictures and articles, other than those kindly supplied by Peter Jackson, are few and far between.  Someone managed to snap pictures of the ‘dwarves’ disembarking in Nelson, NZ with the dare to name the dwarf.  Alright, I spot one well-known elf.  However I spy with my little eyes Aidan Turner, Jed Brophy, and James Nesbitt.  No sign of Mr. Freeman or the other dwarfs.

Once again the gangly bloke is nowhere to be seen.  For a guy who just claims to play a spy, he certainly knows how to go covert at given times.

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