Bumps on the Road

I logged into my blog to find one of my half-completed posts online.  The post had a scheduling date  and it arrived on time, but half completed.  Oy.  It’s back to the drawing board for the entry and I wanted to post something new.

At this point anything.

My 365 project went out the window.  No surprise as many blogs succumb to the same fate.  I come home from work and feel no desire to look at a computer screeen.  A televison screen is another matter.  I can add a Kobo screen as well.  Speaking of my e-reader, anyone crying out about the death knell of the book should consider one thing:  Books don’t need recharging.  Think about that for a moment.

What do do after a half completed post makes it to the web?  Consider a positive comment from a creative writing classmate then start again.  Period.

What Do You Think?

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