Midweek Geekiness

Make This Happen Please

Entertainment Weekly wrote a piece about Phillip Seymour Hoffman as POSSIBLY Plutarch Havensbee in the movie version of Catching Fire.  Although I trust this publication a little more than others, putting ‘possibly’ in big letter means anything can happen.  Hoffman currently stars as Willie Loman in Death of a Salesman on Broadway and may take his time before choosing his next screen role. Would I like him to play the savvy gamemaker.

Yes, yes, and yes.

Hoffman can pull off the kind of tight rope act Havensbee does in Catching Fire.  He’s played guys trying to live within the system, trying to swindle a system, and sometimes finds himself stuck in system.  (Take a look at IMDB and start slotting the movie roles into these categories.)  Havenbee always struck me as a little less flamboyant than Crane, looking just enough Capitol as part of the society yet little touches giving off the signal he doesn’t quite want to fit in.  Hoffman has the chops to pull this off.

The other strong possibility is Jared Harris and now he’s free to play a few more movie roles.  (Watch this season’s Mad Men to know what I mean.)  He already has one big movie under his belt with Sherlock Holmes, but the nice touch to this piece of casting means another Harris may take on an iconic book character.  (Jared’s dad, the late Richard Harris, played Dumbledore in the early Potter movies before passing away.)

To be continued…

Alright Class Smile

Paramount Pictures will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and assembled its own dream team for a group photo.  The picture caption said  ‘100 greatest talents’, but I have to wonder what is Rose Huntington-Whiteley doing in it?  The site also includes a zoom feature to see who’s who in the photo up close.

I didn’t find this thing on my own, as usual I found it over at the Entertainment Weekly site.  (Try to always attribute your sources.)

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