Drifting Off to La-La Land

When the oral surgeon’s office ran down the list of thing I needed to know, having someone with me for twelve hours AFTER the implant surgery left me confused.  My mom agreed to spend the night just in case, and I did the usual fast to get ready.  I got in, signed my consent form, and mentally prepared myself for the amount on my credit card.  This is step one.  The next step comes with the dentist fitting me with new bicuspid to put on the newly implanted post.

Yup, that means more money.

To me it’s totally worth it and I have a plan in place.  As for the ‘somebody needs to be with out for 12 hours’, nothing serious happened with the sedative.  One moment I talked with the anesthesiologist as she out in the IV, the next the ceiling faded, then I woke up in the recovery room.  However, I still felt like a truck hit me even as I shopped at Superstore for a couple of things.  So far this long weekend, as I read about events around Winnipeg, I gurgled salt water and slept off the rest of the sedative.  I felt thankful the Tylenol 3 prescription didn’t need any filling.  The Advil was enough for me, and even then I didn’t take very much.  In the grand scheme of things,  all this is minor and I will take it.

I read a lot in between sleeping.  I started season 2 of HBO’s Deadwood and saw so many people who went onto to shows like Justified and Breaking Bad it warranted its own Midweek Geekiness.  For now taking it easy proves the best medicine.

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