Yes, I Ran. Yes, It Was Cold.

Seriously, the warm thought machine felt a little stuck.  Yesterday, I ran with the Learn to Run clinic participants, or those hardy souls willing to come out during -26 with windchill.  It felt colder than that, and I wore pretty good layers.   The edges of my hair turned frosty, and my glasses fogged up a few times.  (I kept unzipping the mouth guard on my running shirt.)

Is it hard to breathe?  I never notice it.  It’s not a macho, I’m-better-than-you thing.  I honestly don’t notice it.  I simply start breathing then start the mantra breathe-step-step-breathe-step-step-breathe.  I can say the air does feel different to my lungs.  Cold air feels heavier than the moist heat breathed during hot yoga.  I guess having layers of clothes makes things feel heavier as opposed to summer heat.  I sweat buckets, but I have less layers.  The cold air seems to smother my skin from sweating out anything.  It’s a good thing in the middle of cold/flu/pneumonia season, but I crack open the moisturizer as fast as possible.  It’s the thing I hate most about winter-all that dry, itching skin.  (Blech!)

Itchy skin aside, what keeps me going through January involves light.  Slowly we get more sunlight, minutes like precious alms for a poor man.  If I keep going through January,  my reward for enduring those dark days are hours and hours of daylight



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