The Knock-Me-Sideways Run

Free Samples courtesy of the Running Room
Free Samples courtesy of the Running Room


I have run 5 K before and ran it many times.  Today marked the first time one run knocked me side ways.  I peeled off my running clothes, still sweated despite the cold, and noticed my pink legs.  Winnipeg returned to -29 weather, with the possibility of a blizzard approaching to blind the city with its winds.  The morning still had sky and sun, but the wind certainly went through me to my legs.  My upper body had adequate layers, and I put in my contact lens to not add foggy glasses to the whole situation.  My bottom half could have used another layer, and I felt it.

The clinic finished last week, but two members came out and gamely ran 5 K.  Some of the sidewalks still resembled bunny trails, others still jagged by ice.  Saying the footing proved uneven sounds like an understatement.  The constant negotiation with the sidewalks simply wore me out.

I went straight to a warm shower, blow-dried my hair, but still felt tired.  Just and hour, I thought, Just an hour to recharge.  I underestimated my exhaustion.  I closed my eyes at 10:30 am, rapidly adjusting my nap function on my clock for more time.  I slept until 1:30 pm.  I wanted warm covers and a rest.

The rest of my day involved finishing laundry while watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.  I had no plans for the weekend and do not feel ashamed to admit it.  While I sound whiny about the run, I did have a breakthrough.  Thanks to someone in my group named B, I learned if I feel a little slowed down, simply remember to pick up your feet.  I noticed the old, familiar feeling of getting taken out of my body, my movements seemed non-existent.  I looked down at my trusty Garmin.  I noticed around the 2 K mark things start to slow down, my mind beginning to check out.  For once looking down at the it actually snapped me back to attention.  I gently called my mind back to the present moment, starting with my feet.  They did seem to shuffle, and B confirmed it as she headed back to check on me.

Later I upgraded the Garmin software, transferred the data, and took a good look.  Yup, the data supported the theory, and consciously picking up my feet moved things forward again.  I wish my laundry adventure matched the success of my run discoveries.

I ruined my favourite sweater.

It’s rayon and I muffed the ironing.  It’s unusable for work, but good to kick around  on the weekends.  The track marks of the iron show on the red fabric.  (Rats!)  Yes, I iron my clothes including my jeans.  I also break down colours a little more.  It’s something I picked up from home, and usually my mom plays her soaps while tending to the ironing.  It reminds me of Kevin Smith’s earlier appearance on Talking Dead discussing his routine for watching the show.  He understood the previous generations wanting quiet and focus to ‘watch their stories.’  Just replace Victor Newman from Y & R with The Governor and we pretty much have the same idea.

Currently, I have jeans in the wash, underwear in the dryer, a number of things hanging dry in my bathroom, and I am on episode 5 of season 1 of The Walking Dead.  Looks like it’s zombie dreams tonight for this girl.  I should figure out a way to change the course of my dreams.  Since today is St. Patrick’s Day how about The Town?  A little Jeremy Renner doing the likeable-yet-psychotic character, in a tank top, should do the trick.  Hopefully my dreaming mind will tilt to the likeable side of this equation.






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