Midweek Geekiness: Hawkeye Goes Deep Cover and Other Avengers-Related Tidbits

Long time no geeking.  While I work out my blogging/writer’s existentialist crisis, it’s best to proceed as usual. While walking about on the net, I fell down the Tumblr hole.  It makes me furrow my brow in confusion.  People write about their 1,500th post and all I can see is pictures.  The images bring me to Tumblr for photos taken of actors in photo shoots.  Imagine a treasure trove of eye candy along with some clever fan art.

It’s where I found this image:

Click Image for Source

I looked around to see who originally drew this image, or where it comes from, but no matter it’s freaking adorable.  I grew up on Charlie Brown, and I played Lucy in a stage production of A Charlie Brown Christmas in elementary school.  It’s amazing how one line written by Joss Whedon gets quoted all the time.  Perhaps much like the classic ‘nethers’ quote by Kaylee in Serenity, Black Widow knocking some literally sense into Hawkeye resonated with women in the theatre as their significant others chomped popcorn next to them. I suspect it’s usually followed by I wonder if I can convince him to hit the gym and get arms like Jeremy Renner?

Speaking of the man…

Tumblr also yields a thing I prize a bit namely information.  There are legitimate sources (Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, et al), Illegitimate sources (Tabloids either in print or online), and things falling in between.  Legitimate sources tell me Jeremy Renner currently films David O. Russell‘s follow up to The Silver Linings Playbook.  The film began life as American Bullshit, then started filming as The Untitled David O. Russell Project, and now has a new, marketing-friendly title of American Hustle.

The film deals with the ABSCAM operation in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  What seems weird now was normal back then.  It’s fun watching Gen Y fangirls nearly give themselves heart attacks after Bradley Cooper’s perm made the rounds.  Seriously, ladies, my cousin’s ex had those tight curls in a mullet-like formation.  The transformations didn’t stop with Cooper’s Disco Stu look.  The locals in Boston have snapped pictures of the set to post on sites like On Location Vacation.  (A site devoted to keeping up to date on film locations.)  Cooper’s look made me chuckle, these two made me laugh:

From calirenni.tumblr.com

 In the words of one comment post, ‘Bruce Wayne and Clint Barton are on a deep cover mission.’

Speaking of hair…

Once I saw the new trailer for Thor: The Dark World, I knew Tumblr would collectively squee with excitement.  I mean it’s Loki, every girl’s favourite misunderstood guy in need of a hug.  In this case perhaps in need of a hair cut.  When I first saw this image, a memory tugged at me.  The off-hand comment about ‘goth feels’ focused the memory.  In my early 20’s, a girl I worked with dated a guy named ‘Damon Nightshade.’  Yes, he legally changed his name to this moniker.  Although a wee bit short, he pretty much had skinny, pale, and long hair down to a tee.  Loki does nothing for me much like Edward Cullen.  Then again, I am no longer 15.

Further proof I am no longer 15….when my brain has run out of things to say and must head to bed.

3 thoughts on “Midweek Geekiness: Hawkeye Goes Deep Cover and Other Avengers-Related Tidbits

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever perused Tumblir, but after seeing this post, I just might have to wander over there. I loved the rendition of the Peanuts comic. 🙂


    1. I didn’t start until recently. Quite frankly, some of the fandoms are a bit intense. (I say that midly.) I guess if somebody accuses me of be obsessed, I can point them to Tumblr and say, “You might want to rethink that point.’


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