And We’re Off!

5029 words.  Don’t ask me if it makes any sense.  The moment I try to make sense, the inner critic comes out and I can’t have it just yet.  That will happen in the revision phase if I let this novel get to it.  I may scavenge it for parts.  I went to the nearest café for a bit to eat and to get the first 1667 words.  I can sit a bit more comfortably and getting them down proved crucial.  I could feel pain the next day, or just simple discomfort. I will take the latter at this stage in my recovery.

Now that things feel a little more settled, my goal involves getting to the quota for each day.  Anything over and above that is gravy.  Today I reached the goal.  Later I will try to pour some gravy on it, and it’s ironic since I don’t like the stuff on anything in real life.  In NaNo land I need a little extra to keep ahead.

How is the idea going?

It’s going.  I put one word than another.  I put in silly names, I leave details out, and I have a vague idea where this is going.  That’s alright I can change all that later, like after November 30th.  One of the Regional forums talked about writing in weird places.  I have enough problems writing in all the normal places.  For once the critic, Debbie Downer, has stepped aside.  Eve Encourager now takes her place whispering keep going.

I missed the C4 Comic Con.  I feel bad since I did want to go.  I woke up at 7 am and figured I must want to go if I woke up that early.  No, I pulled out my laptop and picked up from the last point in my novel.  I set aside the laptop to watch Doctor Who, the new ones, now on Netflix.  I forgot Christopher Eccleston can actually smile and crack and joke.  I re-watched the first episodes of Doctor’s 10 and 11.

Then I went back to get those 200 words down thanks to something else popping into my head.  It’s the minimum and for once the minimum will keep me sane.  Much like running, I do this for me.  I don’t compete against regions, I don’t have dreams of bestsellers, I just take things a day at a time.  For now I shout this to the web and my bedding needs to get changed.  I don’t know if I will do extra before The Walking Dead, or simply set things aside.  For now I tap into the creative side me, the one I put aside for far too long.  Tomorrow comes another day and I will write more words like a bricklayer putting down a brick, mortar, then another brick, more mortar, and so on and so on.


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