Worth Reading: The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Reblogged Post)

I rarely use the ‘Reblog Post’ button on WordPress, but this entry hit home. It made the ‘Freshly Pressed’ list on WordPress, and rightly so. It made me look carefully at the stories I tell over coffee, over dinner, and to myself. Wrapped within their plots are the perspectives I believe about myself. For anyone in the health care field, have a look at this award-winning blog. In the words of Victor Frankl, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

2 thoughts on “Worth Reading: The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Reblogged Post)

  1. I am really honored that you have reblogged my post Fatima and contributed such a thoughtful and wise comment. I am enjoying getting to know your blog too – libraries are one of my favorite places in the world (I even used to be a librarian many moons ago). Warm Wishes to you and your readers. Marie


    1. You’re welcome and congratulations on getting freshly pressed. I felt honoured to read your post in the first place. Have a great holiday to your readers and loved ones.


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