Just a Pile-of-Chocolate Kind of Day

Credit:  The Buddhist Blog

Last winter I knew my mood takes a bit of a dip.  While I look functional, behind the scenes everything felt ten time harder to either start, do, or complete. My goal is to move this blog to a slightly bigger league.  When I am not posting, I am writing, but if I am not writing I think about spring.

I think about the snow going away along with the layers I wear.  I want to shed my greys, burgundy, and blacks.  I have bold colours in my wardrobe, all waiting to come back along with the leaves.  I pride myself on being a tough Manitoban.  I bundle up and head out.  I keep my whining to myself, or to a few friends also feeling the same way.  Then I head out, bundled up, knowing January means the light increases if I can simply look carefully at the amount I see as I leave work.

When I wrote about remembering having a summer in me during the winter, it is the knot on the end of my rope, tied with books and movies, to simply hang on. I see other people with their own tied ends, and I remember their crabby moods really say I don’t know if I can handle one more thing.

So this is not really a post about anything.  It fit what I tried to do as part of the Zero to Hero Challenge.  It’s an aside.  A small note in cold temperature.  An unstructured plea in metaphor for spring to bud, perhaps so I may start to flower as well.

2 thoughts on “Just a Pile-of-Chocolate Kind of Day

  1. The lack of daylight does wear on a person. My children commented on the shorter days too, so we’ve been charting the day length and you may be heartened to hear that there is already 1 hour and 14 minutes more of daylight than on Dec. 21st.
    Slowly but surely, our part of the Earth is tilting its face towards the sun.


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