A Midweek Geekiness Goes Awry

If someone told me I would hunt down a way to embed a player in a post, I would tell them they’re nuts!  However, I saw this playlist of British actors from Tom Hiddleston to Richard Armitage reading selections from literature, then discovered I could embed it in a post.  Perfect Midweek Geekiness, I thought.

After supper, I put my TV to Galaxie then got down to how to embed something in my post.  There’s a short code for a WordPress website plug-in and I am not a website.  Finally, thanks to one of WordPress’ support pages, I managed to embed the playlist by someone running a Facebook page entitled ‘Socially Awkward Darcy’.  (Is there any other Mr. Darcy?  Oh, yes ‘Dripping Wet in a White Shirt Darcy’.)

Why do all this?

Besides the internal sense of accomplishment.  (Hey, I could do this!) Valentine’s Day is this Friday.  Why not have a bunch of handsome men, read selections of prose and poetry from Shakespeare to e.e. cummings?  The player should play, but if it fails to for whatever reason then click here.

I did a few tweaks to the blog, while my content are scribbles in my journal.  I have a direction and trying to talk about how I got this player embedded is part of the direction.  Part of what I do as a Library Technician involves troubleshooting and problem solving.  I embed a player one day while earlier I learned a student needed a few more steps before their school wireless gets up and running.  Next it’s figure out where a printer jam resides, or nudge people to the right resources.

I didn’t see this coming going back to school in 2007 at age 37.  Now I can hardly wait to see what I can do next for the students and staff where I work.  For now put on a pair of headphones, steady your pulse,  and enjoy the spoken words.

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