Spring Has….Sprung? (It’s Up for Debate)

No Midweek Geekiness Today.  I feel plumb tapped out for the time being…


This blog may have been quiet, but on other fronts it’s not the case.  The college begins to wind its school year down. Last week it’s helping students with the deeper parts of Microsoft Word, the stuff that rusts if disused, like forming a table of contents.  I belong to a work team in the library doing a special project, therefore my energy wrapped up a little with that task.  Sometimes I come home, turn on the TV and zone out.  The weather doesn’t help either. Winnipeg finally received  April showers late in April. (You know what they say about being better late than the other side.)  Whether we get some May flowers remains to be seen.

Speaking of May, it’s turning into a bit of a busy month.  I attend the Manitoba Library Conference on May 13th, and plan to attend the Red River College Anniversary Mixer on the 12th. Whose anniversary? you ask mentally as you read that last sentence.  It’s the 50th anniversary for the Library and Information Technology Program at Red River College, while the School of Continuing and Distant Education celebrates 25 years of offering the program via distance education.  No program means I never arrive at this point in my life, doing the job I enjoy.  Speaking of my job, I just did my first blog post for the library this year.  I did one last year, but I hope to do more in the future.  God knows if I have a kernel of an idea, I will try to write about it. In this case it’s about the role of a free library within an academic library.

In the no-surprise department, I read quite a few things from academic non-fiction to regular-old fiction.  Lately it’s journal articles about help guides and other reference issues.  I have also dived back into some young adult literature starting with this novel:


No dystopian futures, just a coming of age story set in the past.  In this case 1986.  You know how strange it is to hear the phrases ‘historical novel’ and ‘the 80’s’, only to realize we are not in petticoats and crinolines anymore?

Sorry for the staccato sentences in this post.  I wanted to complete something, anything really, for this blog. When I don’t write, I think about this blog.  When I sit down to finally write, I get a big, fat nothing.  The ideas simply sprouted wings and flew off.  It happens to writers, and no doubt to the very best, but I need it to not happen this week as I have something major to work on, and I need all my faculties.

What Do You Think?

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