Memories of Low-Tech Past

Yesterday’s post inspired memories of technology past. Therefore before Office 2010.  Before Windows…anything.  I had this:

Brother AX-15 Electronic Typewriter complete with instruction book, and cover. Image Credit: Atlantis Gadgets


It’s a Brother AX-15 Typewriter.  I remembered getting one for Christmas, and it did get a bit of use.  Of course I wrote countless term papers for University, but every once in a while I would write stories.  Other times I would write reflections as if someone else would see them.  I guess it faintly foreshadows the blog.  I saw one on eBay for $48.00 USD.  It seems Australia has the majority for sale as most of my image searches turned up with results from there.

The weirdest part as I hear the clicking the my laptop keyboard?  The sound.  I can still remember the mechanical sound as it types away, but especially as I erased something.  I never did type things accurately, and computers came along at the right time for me. I can press my button, erase, and start over.  When I wrote rough drafts of stories, I tried to not press that backspace button.  I also remember buying ribbons for either typing, or erasing.  Imagine rows and rows of printer ink replaced with rows of ribbons.  It did not seem that long ago.

This ends my trip down memory lane.  Seem to do that a lot lately.  My birthday must spark some nostalgia.

4 thoughts on “Memories of Low-Tech Past

  1. The typewriter I had, I could type about 40 characters ahead of the mechanical movement of the machine — which led to a strong investment in accurate typing, as why would I want to go back and erase? Now, I notice, it mostly doesn’t matter, with the simple backspace and autocorrect and such.


  2. I grew up using an old Underwood Typewriter that I think belonged to one of my grandparents. When I went off to college, I was given an electric typewriter which was better than handwriting term papers except, like you, I made a boat-load of mistakes and needed those correcting ribbons! When I started writing fiction, my electric typewriter was not very helpful because the ‘e’ key would stick and I’d have a string of eeeeeeeeeee to erase with that correcting ribbon. I used paper & pencil for that first novel, which was just before the PC became affordable for home use. I am grateful to hubby for buying me that first old IBM 16 bit computer. While I do feel a bit of nostalgia and wonder whatever happened to the old Underwood, I like the ease of correcting my writing using a computer! 🙂


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