After Getting Up to My Eyeballs

Sometimes my brain looks like this:

Last night I attended a mayoral debate on downtown Winnipeg. The top 5 candidates talked about safety, drawing residents, businesses among other issues. For those in other parts of the world political rhetoric, like music, is universal. I got home feeling a little wiped, and woke up to a day of tired students and techno-boinks. (My word for everything from printer issues to software.) Like I once tweeted, I enjoy the job. I just had new responsibilities in collection development added to my work day, and a Library Orientation will happen on the 19th for a group of students in a program. Today proved one of those days my brain feels like that gif. It’s usually a sign to step back.

I love that teacup

In the afternoon my hamster brain kept on its wheel to say why not make a pot of tea when I get home? The cold dampened my appetite, and brewed a pot . It felt so English I nearly wanted to put on Endeavor on Netflix. Instead I put on Wreck It Ralph, lit my LED candles, and tweeted a few thoughts about the debate. Still multitasking, yes, but something about the  movie proved a little soothing. I guess from time to time I want a little whimsical and funny. I like Frozen, but I really enjoy Wreck It Ralph. For the children of the 80’s, the pre-PS4 games will bring back plenty of memories.

I checked my calendar to put down an appointment, and realized National Novel Writing Month will happen in a month. I decided to not blog or tweet at all. (Once again see hamster wheel gif.) I like technology, but I always said I control it and not the other way around. I have to remember NaNo resembles a marathon. Nobody sprints over 26 miles, and this from a person running half that amount. It’s slow and steady, with preparation. I have 50, 000 words of a first draft in me. It’s as simple as  getting out of my way.

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