My CMHR is not a Museum

I do not use these words often: This post is kick-ass. Short, honest, and well-structured, this essay makes a case for a Library of Humans Rights. Wait, we do it’s called a public library.
It’s safe to say this falls under ‘Inspired Ideas’. Bravo!

Readers' Salon

In our modern world of consumerist culture, superficial sentimentality and instant gratification, we ask ourselves, how do we eliminate bullying, racism and war? A museum dedicated to Human Rights may help achieve such lofty goals, but in reality we already have such a museum. It is called a library. The price of admission is a free card and it holds every idea in the world. According to the Greater Good, in order to learn empathy, we must practice active listening, look for commonality in others, pay attention to faces, and above all READ FICTION.

In my dream Library for Human Rights, Canadian women play a prominent role. The foundation of my dream library was laid by Nellie McClung, prolific author, mother of five, and champion of the right to vote for women.

Upon entering the Beatrice Culleton Mosionier Lobby , one would join the circle and watch the Royal Winnipeg…

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