The Road to National Novel Writing Month Brick By Brick

No sooner will Canadian Library Month finish, National Novel Writing Month will start. For the month of November I will take the month off from blogging. However, keep an eye on my Twitter feed as I will resurface to give some sort of word count. I discovered my limits, and it’s time to put some focus back into my writing.

I already prepped some short posts, or asides in WordPress, with sage advice from writers. I discovered this handy little function:

Wordpress Bookmarklet

At first it only says ‘via whatever the title of the website or post.’ I wrote around it. Then I discovered highlighting a quotation, then doing the pressing the button. Either way, a little pep talk, and a way to take a closer look at their sources. I have one more to do, but those will appear in the last week of October.

At the moment it’s idea mode. I scribble a few things down like a character here, a snippet of plot there, while taking putting the daily word count into my Google calendar. So, yes, I am very serious about trying to not only get 50,000 words, but a first draft to take until the end. You might say Diana Gabaldon kicked my ass without knowing she did.

She actually completed Outlander in 18 months. She wanted to write a novel, and she figured the only way to learn was write one. While I understand MFAs, writing workshops, and other handy things to help writers, NaNoWriMo means letting things go. Letting go is not one of my strong suits. No doubt an avalanche of posts will happen over the next few months about NaNoWriMo being the greatest thing, or not. Rather than add to the oncoming storm, I intend to shut a few things out and get down to it.

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