Year End Reflection 2014: Blogging and the Direction of Stacks and Ranges

I did some tidying in my drafts folder for Stacks and Ranges. I would begin a post then abandon it for some reason. It either didn’t work, or the timing made it irrelevant. (To quote Douglas Adam, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”) I accidentally pressed the wrong button with WordPress’ new interface, causing a post entitled I am Single to accidentally publish on the site. I think it’s one of those Valentine’s Day posts in danger of bitterness, or self-pity, and quickly abandoned.

I had a look at my stats while setting some goals for next year. On the top of my list an editorial calendar to set some deadlines. The whooshing is fun for the first little while, but I want put out things in a timely fashion. I also have a four-fold focus for the blog, although it keeps within the public library metaphor for this blog:

  1. Pop Culture aka more Midweek Geekiness for the New Year!
  2. Library issues etc.
  3. Books, books, and more books! (Can’t go wrong with that!)
  4. Writing Projects (Off the Wall and Otherwise)

Posting a day proves impossible as I look at my schedule for next year. Posting a few times per week proves doable. I also want to bust out of  the text only posts. I bought a premium package for something other than a domain. I want to post using pictures and video directly from my phone/tablet. I want 2015 to be the year Fatima tries something new on this blog.

Good news…no new theme. I like Hemingway Rewritten, and it’s a theme made for modification. I will redo my About Me portion plus a few minor things. It’s a bit like settling down in one place, and redecorating the house. I also want my site to act like a hub. Want to know about Library Technician training? Go here. Hey,did you discover any good social media sites? Go here. I like providing information to help people not build myself up as the maven type.

Overall I want to have fun. Sometimes people forget about having fun every once in while, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. I enjoy doing this and it does keep me sane. The blog also expresses my creativity, and I learned the hard way what happens if that doesn’t happen.

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