A To-Do List on Steroids: The Bullet Journal

Tumblr sometimes features useful things beyond the latest photograph of Richard Armitage. Education trended one day and I stumbled on The Bullet Journal among the GIFs in the tag. The system bills itself as an ‘analog system for the digital age’ using bullet points to organize tasks. I called it a to-do list on steroids. I used dashed for my to do list as the easiest way to remember what to do, and in some cases the steps to do it. The Bullet Journal may up my game, so to speak, still giving flexibility with its written format, along with not fearing lost app access if the phone batteries die-or ends up in the toilet.

Developed by Ryder Carroll of Brooklyn, NY, the bullet journal came from trial and error according to his bio, as he tried to organize his daily life. Some people can work with highly structured day planners, but what I like about bullet journal is it’s flexibility. I use moleskin not the grid journals the site favours, but as long as the system works, the notebook does not matter. The checking off, striking through, and simple symbols gives a tactile aspect to productivity. While I enjoy an app like Remember the Milk, writing things down gives a sense of ownership in an age where apps try to put people in some predetermined box. It also gives people not comfortable using technology as an agenda another option.

Have a look at this introductory video about The Bullet Journal, and feel free to share in the comments below. Would use this system? What systems help you to keep your tasks in order?

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