Early Morning Commute Part The Second


Where was I? Oh, yes, I dreamed about being back in high school. I had an assignment due on the play, and I couldn’t finish it. I saw Richard, but I didn’t have my assignment finished, so I couldn’t talk to him. The things my mind digs up even leaves me confused.

This whole mobile blogging idea spontaneously emerged. Normally, early mornings involve the above two items and my journal:


The teal journal received the last reflection two weeks ago. I choose a black, moleskin journal for scribbles, thoughts, and things too smutty for public consumption. (Some things I need to keep to myself.)

I have no idea how this will turn out. I have my thumbs, judicious use of auto-correct (I hope), and the smartphone doing the work. Oh, and the WordPress app. I always had the idea, and I did want to blog in different ways. I needed the opportunity. I also needed a wake me up so to speak.

As for The Crucible, I hope to finish up this weekend. My eyes felt tired, and the cast wore me out. More details to come.

I drink the last of Starbucks True North Blend, and head out.

Hope your day is a good one.

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