A Coding I Will Go, A Coding I Will Go, Hi-Ho the Merry-O

I wrote about crossing my fingers for a spot in a Web Design introductory course. I can uncross the digits as I got the call saying they have a spot. It’s a good deal: Work pays while I wait for a spot after students register. It’s a fair exchange. I will have my coding skills not only refreshed, but also learn a few new ones on the way to learning HTML/XHTML. The course itself is part of a certificate in Web Design. I have looked at the courses, and I only want to learn a few more things and not go for yet another credential.

I look at courses as keeping the creativity flowing. I remembered taking an Intro to Creative Writing course to learn not only the craft of writing, but what’s required to get published. It helps my instructor not only had her work published, but overlooked submissions to various literary magazines. It’s common sense, but it’s amazing how many people fail to follow the submission guidelines. On the other hand, if the piece doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. What’s the only saying? At first you don’t succeed, try, try again? The course lead to this blog, and it led to finding a writer’s group. I just listen to the flow of the universe and act accordingly. I also take what I like, and I find myself fascinated by code. Although I don’t want to fascinate myself into another back injury with all the sitting.

While the mind has its classes, the body needs some care. Yoga classes prove hard to find for a semi-beginner. I have the basic moves; I need to proceed carefully to not injure my back again. Yoga Public has TRX Core classes, and I want to know if it’s safe to take them. The other classes I seen spell out who should not take them. I always yakked about doing core work, and it’s time to do the work. I admit the injury freaked me out, and the MRI results didn’t give me a what-to-do-next plan. Who cares about losing weight; I just want to stay healthy.

Speaking of what to do next, I need to get ready for Easter dinner.

3 thoughts on “A Coding I Will Go, A Coding I Will Go, Hi-Ho the Merry-O

  1. I totally agree with you about “no more credentials.” I can take up to six hours for free with my current position, and everyone I know at work is pursuing some degree or other, but I remember when I took the last exam for my PhD thinking “I am never doing this again” and I still feel that way. I’d like to get the skills but not if I have to be evaluated on them …


    1. Wow, I know people doggedly getting their PhD or their Masters to gain a foothold in the job market. I figured if nothing is secure, why not write. What do I have to lose?


      1. I suppose if something occurred to me that I was just thrilled about, and that required a certification (something like speech disorders, which I thought about for a while), I would do it. But I feel no impulse. I already have more than the academic qualification required to rise to the highest pay grade in my position, so as long as I stay here … maybe I’ll feel different in a few years, though.


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