Here We Go A-Coding

The first foray. Can you tell I had a wee bit of a long day?

The instructor for my class doesn’t mind tweeting if nobody gets disturbed. As a social media nut even I have limits as to when, and where, to do it. I quickly captured a photo using my WordPress app on my phone. People may tweet, but how about a somewhat-live blog of a ten week course. Behold week 1 above.

We learned the basics after some introductions amongst the class. I peg average age of the class as 35. Not a lot of people have experience, and I admit needing a refresher.  It’s a four hour class, with a recommended four hours of work in between. My last post, with the cute Merida gif, happened after leaving work on time, caught a bus, got home, had toast and coffee for supper, then got down to work. I finished after two hours with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as my reward.

It also helps having my friends E and R serving as examples of self-discipline. E held down a full-time job as she completed in Masters in Library and Information Sciences. R reduced her work hours to take a full time day program. I will add as a bonus another friend, C, who rented out her home to take the MLIS program in another city. I will not bore you with the people taking courses with kids. In other words: Don’t kvetch.

And now onward to Week Two….

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