Midweek Geekiness: The Avengers Are Com…I mean… Assembling!

Oh baby:

Hard to believe the sequel will release very soon. Nearly 3 years have passed since The Avengers. The successive movies, plus TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show a different setting as the venerable agency couldn’t stop a hydra threat. (Unless Coulson shows up disguised as a waiter, and says ‘Short version…not dead’ a la Sherlock.)

I admit the poster looks ‘busy’, even busier than the last one if that’s even possible. Compare it to the German version I found on Tumblr:

Looks like 90% less Ultron drones

I look forward to Black Widow kicking ass, Tony delivering the Stark snark, bashful Bruce and the green rage monster, mighty Thor and his hammer, the Captain leading the charge, and…

Image Credit: screenrant.com

Hawkeye not under someone’s control and talking. Oh, and his arms, must not forget the arms. Early reports say not only does Clint Barton have the best lines, but we finally see what went on between all the movies. Can Jeremy Renner top “Let me seduce the rich guy” from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?

Unlike the first film, one even the actors wondered if it will work, the second film comes with so many expectations. The clips so far ratchets the action, but also kicks up the humour and the relationships. Hawkeye speaks, but we discover Thor has a sense of humour as shown by the party scene. (I swear a chorus of heavy sighing happened as Thor wore jeans, and then intensified as he emerged from a pool of water sans shirt.) We also see a team as the time bomb Bruce predicted as Tony Stark will find a way to mess up. The man is a genius, but he can be a stupid-ass genius we don’t always agree with all the time. (Apologies to Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. This is my homage to one of my favourite lines from the first film.)

Better get moving and buy my ticket.

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