Music Monday: Grooving at Starbucks


Sometimes as I pull out my journal, after having my coffee,  I ask myself am I pretentious?  What pulls me into a Starbucks, as opposed to Tim Horton’s, has to do with music.

At Starbucks I don’t have to listen to one of our many, annoying top 40 stations, and what passes for banter.  I also get to hear instruments like guitar,  and most importantly vocals. No acrobatics just singing with genuine emotions.

I scribble away, clearing the debris left by years of ‘can’t’ in my life. Sometimes the perfect song comes on,  and I let it take me where I need to go.

I don’t have a song today. Every time I blog by phone, I consider it practice for my New York trip. (Yes,  I am going.) My thumbs need the practice.  Now for one last swig of my coffee to greet the coming week.

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