Rowdy Weather and Ruined Books

soggy book

Tuesdays monsoon not only soaked my clothes, it soaked the book in my bag. Health at Every Size arrived barely a month ago, and I hoped to make it well-used by highlighting and post it flags. The cover has crinkled, some pages are still damp, and it would take a while to completely dry off the pages.

On the other hand I have an eye on this book online, may be buying another copy would be a good idea; Although not the idea I had in the first place. The book mark, the company of dwarves from The Hobbit, remained dry thanks to its glossy finish. While all this sounds boring, Tuesdays downpour served as a fever breaker for Winnipeg weather.

To re-purpose popular Tumblr tag we were ‘too hot not hot damn’. Saturday I attended a Fringe play, spending a couple of hours near the Exchange District. The humidex, the real indicator combining temperature and humidity, nearly hit 39 degrees Celsius. In American speak it’s high 90’s. It’s also not normal. Winnipeg gets hot. Last year the temperatures made it comfortable to sit outside. The scorching weather also gave Manitoba some crazy thunderstorms. I noticed the irony as Richard Armitage made his début in Hannibal, but outside looked like Into the Storm. 

How crazy did things get? Just Monday night, before the monsoon, communities in the southwest corner of Manitoba had a huge tornado touch down, a possible category 3 or 4, and it stayed on the ground longer than usual. Behold:

I went to the bus stop this morning in my light blouse, while fellow Winnipeggers wore their light jackets. After dealing with heat sticking to the skin, I wanted to feel a cool breeze, and this morning felt refreshing. I did take one precaution:


Ruined non-fiction is one thing, but ruined fiction means not knowing what will happen next until the pages dry. I wanted to prepare for Ted Callahan’s last chapter this fall, by re-reading his last adventure. No Thor-generated thunderstorm will keep me from enjoying my books.

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