Stay-cation Postcard

It’s after midnight as my vacation begins to countdown to the finish. I went out, got my passport done, uncluttered some spaces, and stayed up late. Right now I find myself in one of those late-night spells after watching the new Hannibal episode. I have watched my share of scary stuff, but Hannibal took scariness to a whole new level. Let’s just say the site of Richard Armitage in short shorts should give me some highly pleasant dreams. Nope. Any zing-y feelings grew some dragon wings and flew off tonight. (Last night?)

I find myself feeling strangely ready to go back to work. I guess it’s the point of a vacation to get away to fill the well. I kept one eye on my blog goals, yet turned my computer off and put away the other electronic toys. Sometime the internet looks dark and full of terrors.

Tomorrow, or in this case a few hours from now, I will take three garbage bags of gently used clothes and shoes to Value Village. Last week I pruned my bookshelves for a library donation. Anytime I tackle my clutter, I reinforce my gratitude for what I have now. A few years ago I learned about stewardship. I learned about the concept in a spiritual sense related tithing and sharing gifts. The underpinning of those times flows through what I did today. I wrote about having the privilege to take vacations while others can’t. For some people the salary they get doesn’t seem enough. I have made little compared to other people before my library job, and my circumstances changed yet my philosophy has not. I remind myself to always look for ways to give, to make the world a little better. It’s not always with money. It could be time. Sometimes it’s an ear as I have discovered working in the library.

Before I take those notebook scribbles and turn them into a post, I have paper to shred. Now the weather has turned a little cooler, I can hopefully sit on my balcony with a cup of tea, or something stronger, to toast the upcoming academic year.

For now I need to get to sleep and hope a red dragon doesn’t get me.

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