September Goals


After accounting for my earlier goals during Blogging 201, I sharpened my focus on a few simple goals.

Blogging Goals
  • Post three times a week.
    • Continue with Music Monday
    • Begin new Friday Feature (You’ll see)
    • Fill in editorial calendar for October
Health/Wellness Goals
  • Walk three times a week at the local Y, in addition to the walking I do already (Thank heavens for Hoopla and their audio books)
  • Keep drinking water (2 litres max)
  • turn off tv at 8, and take book to bed for better shot at sleep
  • Go out to have fun (go play pool at Vodka Rocks to improve comically bad game)
Writing Goals
  • Begin prep for National Novel Writing Month
  • Begin Revision of last project
  • Clear dining room table (it’s my studio,and it’s loaded with stuff from all my other pruning from other parts of my home.

Here’s to keeping focused, and working steady for a check up in early October.

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