Monday Supplement: October Goals

Checks and Balances

(See my September goals here.)

September felt ‘meh’.

I did not accomplish what I hoped to accomplish. I kept up with Music Mondays, but my Friday feature did not debut. As for my writing goals I cleaned up my dining room table, but did not begin a revision of my last project. I feel a disappointed, and going into the details feels like making so many excuses.

Under ‘Heath/Wellness’ I wrote ‘keep drinking water’. Once the weather turned cool, I slacked off on water, and turned on the coffee drinking. The shortening hours make me sleepy, and I now go to work in the dark. The fall also means new episodes of my favourite shows. Good luck trying to turn things off at 8 pm, especially after a hectic day.

In my heart I am Bilbo Baggins. I like my books, my couch, and my home. Sadly, I have not had a hot dwarf show up at my door. Getting home from work means taking off my work clothes, even the casual wear sported at the library, to get into my pajamas or my yoga pants.

However, I do yearn for adventure.

The Goals

I decided for October to keep things simple:

  1. Continue National Novel Writing prep
  2. Start going to the Y twice a week
    • Let’s start small
  3. Drink water
    • Important for skin
  4. Continue Music Mondays for the Blog
    • Do a editorial calendar two weeks ahead to (again) start small.
  5. Read more and Netflix less

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