After the Election, The NaNoWriMo Prep

Heard a big sigh of relief from over the border? That’s me. I went to bed around midnight, my evening spent with Peter Mansbridge asking questions, showing results, and subtly amazed people flocked to vote the Harper government out. Meanwhile, Twitter discovered Canada not only found its mind, although some Conservative stalwarts will find that a matter of debate, but elected a leader and first lady to rival the Obamas. As I saw Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie stand side by side after his victory speech, I can’t help but think these two look like a Disney prince and princess. Where’s the musical number?

I write my political posts as an engaged member of the electorate. If you need political wonks, those need not only a search but a sense they’re not nuts or lying about their credentials. (See FOX News for this one.) Give me the nerdy, the geeky, and the writer-y.

I have a plot idea for National Novel Writing Month. It’s not a plot as a germ, and my notes will decide if the idea has legs. My badge on the NaNo website says ‘Plotter’, and I do have something to get me going. However, I learned outlines resemble guidelines, and sometimes characters take me to different places. Last year’s project had a germ, and off I went. I guess combining a plot yet allowing it go in its direction makes me a ‘Plantser.’ My badge design would have a half-image of a clipboard while the other half will show one pant leg. The badge, or the term, doesn’t matter. Getting better matters. Going to the next creative level matters.

I started doing NaNoWriMo in 2008. I barely wrote anything, except in my journal, and started this 50,000-word journey in the middle of the busiest term in my training. I noticed after writing a few words in my draft, and I returned to my school work strangely refreshed. In fact, something felt ‘right’ as if the time away from writing any fiction meant time to figure out Fatima, the woman. The writing process has not changed from rough draft to final version. The person doing it did. Last year’s ‘victory’ came after nearly eight years of nothing or barely anything. I won a new sense of confidence and a draft with some potential. Those things people hope to ‘win’ before going to the big championship i.e. publication.

Try putting that on a winner’s t-shirt.

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