Music Monday: It’s The End Of The World by R.E.M.

It’s day 2 of National Novel Writing Month, and hopefully my draft goes on schedule.  Last year I wrote a contemporary teen novel, at first, and then the last 15 chapters I aged the character.  I had a comtempoary novel idea again, but it missed something. I took a look at an idea set within the world of The Walking Dead, and like chocolate and peanut butter put them together.


I had a main character taking care of others her whole life, and now she has to deal with a walker apocalypse in a small prairie city like Winnipeg.  How do I make someone come of age at 40, and deal with the dead and the living? I will soon find out.

In the meantime this song popped into my head. I nearly went with Great Big Sea’s version, but let’s stick with the original song by R.E.M.  I know once the song popped into my head, it fit with the character.

By the way, I will take a break form this blog to concentrate on writing, and getting two assignments done for Medical Terminoology. I will resurface for progress reports. Enjoy the earworm.

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