Coming Up for Air III: NaNoWriMo Midway Report

How’s NaNoWriMo going? Let me show you:


The Winnipeg zombie idea feels dead, ironically with no hope of resuscitation at this time. I liked the idea and even had my twist.  The germ has one spark of life left-I need to switch the point of view. I tried the third person, but it feels like the character wants to tell her story.  It’s not too late, and one writer amongst my Facebook friends, with two young children, decided to make her goal 25,000 this month. That’s a good idea, I thought.

It’s not creative hiccups hindering my month. Last night I sat at my computer and heard a series of pops directly over my head. It came from my light/fan fixture installed just two years ago. I got up and saw sparks in the gap near the ceiling.Unlike Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead, this fixture has died.  I called a possible handyman, but if it’s the wiring I will need an electrician. Lovely.

I hate adulting. Want to know my favourite Richard Armitage fantasy? It involves us making out after he fixes something. Romantic, huh? I still have a sliding pantry door in my kitchen needing a new glider installed in its track.  However, I did fix a low flush problem with my toilet thanks to a YouTube video. I had to press the arm of a fill valve, and it now works until I decide to replace the ancient thing.

Adult matters aside, here’s a major victory for me during this month. It doesn’t make me want to write less; it makes me want to write more. I ‘won’ last year, but this year gives me a clean slate for another draft. In fact, I want to NaNo during months not named November. National Novel Writing Month does not end things. It only continues the process.


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