Getting Back to Get Up And Go

My week in a nutshell:

If anyone finds my get-up-and-go, please return it as soon as possible. I will return yours as everyone’s get-up-and-go got up and went somewhere.

Who said that erudite quote? Me, on Facebook, yesterday. Some people have throwback Thursdays; I had thrown back Thursday. Turns out many people felt a little thrown after the holidays. One person at the college asked if I had a good night’s sleep. Apparently people in her department had trouble getting back to early-ish to bed to rise early. I slept, but my dreams guaranteed a restless sleep. Just the usual round of anxious thoughts about getting things done, but the mind doesn’t stop once the last present gets unwrapped.

How were my holidays? I had a great time at my brother’s place with his family. I also binge read thanks to my parents not sharing the same taste in television while staying at their home. During breakfast, I watched a school mass from Toronto on EWTN. It looked like a co-ed school with some girls forgetting it’s EWTN, the most conservative, Catholic television station around. Perhaps they did and wanted to thumb their nose at the papal man.

Medical Terminology turned out well. I earned a good mark to finish the course with an A. After breaking down terms naming parts of the body; it’s time to fill my head with fiction. Next up another online course, but this time about reading fiction from a writer’s point of view. I read Francine Prose’s book Reading Like a Writer a long time ago. It’s time for a reread and something extra thanks to this course.

I also want to focus on my writing. I don’t want to pick at things anymore, and I don’t want to wait until this or that thing gets finished. Yoda whispers in my mind:


Oh, and I will write something about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, something beyond wanting to run my fingers through Oscar Isaac’s hair. In the meantime, it’s the weekend to recharge and get with 2016.

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