New York 2016: Ready to Go Home

I went to the One World Trade Center Oberservation Deck, a path leading thorugh the grounds of the 9/11 reflection pools. The pools need their own post as does the entire grounds.  I didn’t enter the museum. I can’t. It’s hard enough to read the names, to touch the letters, each one with a life, each one going to work or heading to the next destination. The last day of any trip comes with mixed feelings. On one hand I don’t want to leave and on the other I have seen what I could see on this trip.

I am ready to go home.

I started putting my stuff away this morning. I allowed my body to wake me up, at a surprising 6 am considering how stuffy I felt, taking my time putting things away. I had a quick bite at Starbucks before taking off to One World Trade Center. Funny story, I pulled out my Canadian nickle by accident only to have it handed back by the barrista. Well, the state of the Canadian dollar in that one transaction.  Riding the Subway has turned second nature, as easy as uptown or downtown. I will go uptown to see the rest of The Met. On the 6 of course.

Don’t be surprised if you see a rush of posts about the trip. I wrote here and there on the blog, I have some thoughts in my written journals, but I know this trip provides me with will stay with me for a very long time.

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