To The Ballot Box One More Time

Let’s see:

2014: Civic election

2015: Federal election

In a case of once-more-with-feeling April 19th, I will select an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) to the provincial legislature. Much like the federal election, whatever party wins the most seats leads the province, but I would not mind a minority government. Out of the three elections, this one proves toughest to pick. My area elected a Progressive Conservative candidate, but it means their leader, Brian Pallister, will win if he has enough votes. On the other hand, the New Democratic Party (NDP) has a leader I can’t trust as far as I can throw him. Right now it’s into the mouth of Mount Doom like the Ring of Power.

Let me rewind for a few readers.

Greg Selinger, the current leader, won the election promising no new taxes. A politician breaking his promise sounds a lot like ‘well, water is wet’, in short not surprising. Why my fellow Manitobans freaked out about this seems both understandable yet want to slap a few people upside of the head. The tax hike followed new taxes on salon services. Thanks for penalizing women who just provide a pick me up helmet head!

Nothing makes this situation messier than five members of your cabinet openly revolting after they politely asked you to step down so the party can recover. If your political party thinks what you’re doing is also a bad idea, chances are they might be right. Long story short, after a leadership convention, Selinger won and possibly feels emboldened enough he will win the election.

The Liberal Party, led by Rona Bokhari, has its ship populated by fools. The latest involves a candidate in Brandon West wanting to shut down some Manitoba hospital saying:

“To me, when we have too many hospitals, psychologically people think they are sick because the hospital is there to use. And if we take one or two hospitals [out], you will see a difference.”

Ladies and gentlemen the above comment illustrates why I write about zombies and British actors. Sometimes reality makes me do this:


What about the PC dude, Brian Pallister, surely he sounds like a decent chap? Um, it’s hard to reconcile messages about supporting the middle class or any class, yet keep quiet on a 2 million dollar house. The last time a Progressive Conservative party stayed in power, the people of Manitoba elected the NDP to wash the bad taste from all the cuts in the 1990’s.

Writing about politics feels like chasing your own tail. This election feels like doing the same. I have no idea who to vote for, but I do feel it’s my duty to vote and live with those consequences. People die for the privilege, the hope to cast a ballot.What’s happening may not be ideal, but it can feel much worse.


I rest my case.

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