Manitoba Libraries Conference 2016: Finalizing The Schedule

This site originally started as a library blog, hence the name Stacks and Ranges. Now we go from browsing the library of my mind to going to something related to libraries. Spring time means conference time to library professionals, and Winnipeg proves no exception. The Manitoba Libraries Conference has already started and slated to finish on Friday, May 6th.

A smaller staff at my workplace means I have to pick one day with enough sessions worth attending. If the day happens to be Friday, I call that a win-win proposition. I checked off my preferences and here are the sessions I look forward to attending:

Public Service Skills-Working with Difficult Patrons

Most of the time, if someone presents a topic related to libraries, and does not have a library background, a wait-and-see approach happens. In Bruce Fiske’s case, his experience as a social worker proves useful for the interactions I have every day with students. Mr. Fiske works as a social worker with Winnipeg Public Library’s downtown branch. It’s part of a movement in public libraries to connect homeless, unemployed, and other patrons to services needed to get back on their feet.

I had some difficult situations with both public patrons and students. Working in book retail enabled me to grow a thicker skin and keep calm, or at least wait until later to vent to a trusted friend. I always have room to learn more and hopefully gain a few insights.

Instruction and Outreach Anyone Can Edit

If you can’t beat ’em, use ’em in this session about Wikipedia. This session will explore initiatives like the Wikipedia Library to keep this starting point as accurate and relevant as possible.

In 2008, one of my classmates did an information report on colleges researching and updating Wikipedia entries. I ask myself how have these initiatives grown and what can I pass along to students? On Friday, I will find out.

Creating Connections with Faculty By Marketing Low-Use Resources

The session that clinched Friday as my day to attend this conference. I have connections, anyone knowing me knows I can talk to (almost) anyone. (If you’re a 6’2 bloke with a baritone, British accent I will suddenly turn mute.) The most popular saying I hear has these words:

“I didn’t know we had this.”

Is it email? Is it a small campaign? Rather large? Again, Friday will reveal all with a little something to take with me.

While sessions make the conference, the main attraction will happen between sessions. The people keep me coming back, some I don’t see unless it’s this conference. While I like social media, I prefer talking to people and saying ‘hi’. People call it networking and it does happen. I prefer ‘catching up’. Stay tuned for the recap after it’s done.

*Runs off to put it on my calendar*

One thought on “Manitoba Libraries Conference 2016: Finalizing The Schedule

  1. Speaking as a former faculty member, I always scheduled a library tools session for every upper level class, and that was where I typically learned about tools I didn’t know about. To reach me, the best way was to use a channel I was already committed to b/c of my educational priorities.


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