Lazy Sunday At Cafe Fatima

The weather last week look miserable. Last week the flu made me feel miserable. Today I finally emerged on my balcony, dubbed Cafe Fatima, to read for a bit and write.  People had colds and flu and dragged their germs into the library. Add the weather and no wonder people went down like flies, present company included.

I added something new to Cafe Fatima; something called a zero gravity lounge chair. I got rid of an old chair and bought this one on sale:


Cafe Fatima 2016
Taken on May 1st

I want this weather to hold this week. After reading last week’s Music Monday, I came to the conclusion I need a change of place. My laptop resides in the same spot, on the dining room table. The warmer weather means I can go outside, with a cup of tea, and tap away on the keyboard. My online course on creative non-fiction has finished, and the writer’s circle also begins to wind down. I have things to do for the latter, so I will stay off social media this week to get it done. I already wrote my Music Monday piece, and it’s ready for tomorrow.

For now, I will soak up the sun and countdown to the Sunday double-bill of Game of Thrones and Outlander, or as I like to call it the swords-and-kilts hour.






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