Emptied Out And In Full Swing

What’s happened to me? In two words, I am alive In another two, maybe four, words, I had the stomach flu. Whatever your imagination just told you, I can assure you it’s correct and hellish. I like chicken soup in small quantities and Gatorade even less. I subsisted on both of them in the next-to-last week of August. A co-worker advised using Pedialyte next time something throws my electrolytes off. I would like to not have this kind of next time, although I read it’s good for travellers. I tucked that piece of information away for future use.

Right now, I play catch up with my Gotham Writer’s Workshop course on Essay and Opinion Writing. I critique the writing of others in the ‘Booth’ portion of the course site, as well as trying to do my missed assignments. I decided to take a hint. No more courses. Last year around this time I took Medical Terminology then launched my foray into the Gotham Writer’s Workshop. At some point I have to drop the courses, let the lessons simmer, and simply write. It starts with hooking back up with my writing groups in the fall. Call it a small epiphany.

In the meantime, I Tweet on occasion and read. If I don’t read a physical book, I listen to audiobooks. I enjoyed Amy Schumer’s The Girl With The Lower Back Tatoo while out sick. It’s not only funny but thoughtful. One chapter, Chapter 18, inspired me to tweet my thanks to her. Currently, my ears hear the complete, all-star cast recording of World War Z. I already read the book a while ago and wanted to hear the audiobook version. The abridged version, already boasting an impressive cast, won a 2007 Audie Award. I set the sleep timer on the app, put on my cordless earphones, then lay in bed to help me get to sleep. Sony blue tooth earphones, the best investment I ever made so far. I forgot them at work once and used headphones with a cord; A definite difference in movement and my sleep routine.

As soon as I began eating flavourful foods again, the students made their return. August 29 saw the new crop of first-year students while the next day EVERYONE came back. The hallways have conversations, people already opened their books to read the latest chapter for class, all while everyone either has wide or sleepy eyes wandering the campus. It’s good to see students again. The temperature outside began to dip slightly, a chill in the air making me wear a sweater in the mornings. Fall is coming.

There you have it, a summary of things thus far. I have three weeks left in my Gotham course then the next class I take better have ‘yoga’ in it.



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