Take a Hike! A Writing Tool. Really.

NaNoWriMo heads into the home stretch. Time to walk for more than catching the bus.

Kobo Writing Life

by Chris Mandeville

Any hikers out there in writer-land? Or writers who love to go for walks? Well, hiking-slash-walking isn’t just for pleasure-slash-exercise. It can actually be a valuable writing tool.

Just ask Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of more than 142 published works, most of which were written while hiking. Yes, while. He regularly plots, plans, and dictates prose while he hikes, and says it’s a critical part of his creative process.

“I like to ‘get away’ from real life and spend time in my fictional universes with my imaginary friends. Too many distractions at home, and I love to go out to walk, to move, to receive input in all five senses as I walk on trails, even on tame bike paths. It allows me to THINK, to have quiet time with my characters, to save the world (or, in certain circumstances, destroy it)…

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