A Break From Everything

Yesterday, I returned to work with surprising results. I slapped the snooze button once,  a good sign, and found myself easing fluidly into the daily routine. It’s a good sign of a restful vacation, one with no reading and no writing. Yes, other than reading tweets or scribbling in my journal, I did not blog or pick up a book. Usually, I freak out. This time I gave myself a break on top of a break.

For a start, I bought a car. It’s a gently used one, only 13, 993 km before my test drive, and a year old. The price and timing proved right, and it’s a good thing too. My dad’s car, already 17 years old and showing signs of wear, started to make funky sounds beyond the funky sounds of an old car. In other words, the next mechanical difficulty or accident will signal game over for the vehicle. While I use transit for getting to work, no car means bad news for my mom and her appointments. Her GP, a bilingual speaker in English and Portuguese, she can handle. It’s the other docs requiring not only translation but processing a lot of medical information placing us up a river, or in this case stranded by the side of the road. New car means good news for parental units.

I admit it’s good news for me too.

At some point, I want to head to that other grocery store or take a trip to Oakbank to visit a friend. Car rentals can only get me so far, and a vehicle lease doesn’t fit either. I even gave my new car a name: Lou. Now, Lou is not short for Louisa or Louis, my car will remain gender neutral. However, Lou’s colour, Midnight Blue, did remind me of a song by someone named Lou. Did I mention it has a sun roof? A sound system already connected to my blue tooth?


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