November Begins Its Good Bye

Everyone I talked to either online or in real life says the same thing:

Where did the time go?

No clue on this one except life did feel lived on fast forward this year. After hoping for a challenge in my library job, I got it, in spades. Hence the radio silence/sporadic writing. Again, I didn’t ‘win’ Nano but will keep up with this idea beyond the month. NaNoWriMo is great, but it’s time to make every day as if it’s National Novel Writing Month.

WordPress rolled out a new editor, and I gave it a try. When it comes to change, I embrace it until something rolls along and I go perhaps you guys need to think this through.  I like the boxes, it reminds me of Onenote but not too keen on losing my connection to my Google photos. It means uploading, downloading, then uploading my photos. Have things in sync enabled me to share pictures to support my words because even this wordy woman knows pictures do say a thousand words something, something, something. It remains to be seen, and there’s something called a comment section, time to ask about whether I will lose that feature.

Most of the time, I check my social media feeds to see how my friends are doing, hear my audiobooks in the car or while I work out. Sometimes I want Richard Armitage to narrate life at my local Goodlife, a combination of a nature documentary and the one he did called The Great Sperm Race.  At the gym, I have an easier time getting a mirror in a ladies bathroom than the mirrored space to do my weight training. It’s full of guys either looking at their phone or strutting about more than pausing for a rest. The quest for bulk loses out to symmetry and lean appeal. Hey, approaching middle age doesn’t mean looking doesn’t happen. However, there’s a difference between looking and leering. When I had a midpoint assessment, my trainer, who just turned 21, asked me my age. I replied, “48 and I am not afraid to say it.” I remarked guys my age tend to try to date girls his age. He laughed and commented it’s true.

It’s actually something I have thought about, a lot, lately. Women sometimes feel this age like November. Now is now the winter of my life, it’s not even November. I would say springtime has finally arrived and the month of May blooms in places finally thawing its beliefs.



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