Music Monday: Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles

It’s a black and white video, looking like a old-time Hollywood musical with Phoebe Waller-Bridges looking snappy in her suit. It’s a video and song released on New Year’s Day and I had not smiling since hearing the opening chorus. Maybe 2021 will not suck.

2021 might be the year I stopped avoiding Harry Styles. I did listen to one song of his, but I still have a One Direction Mania hangover. One Direction and the mania that followed made me realized that, yup, I am older and that’s alright. However, the song reminds me of the infectious pop of the 1960’s and he’s not a bad singer. Also, this seems mature like he outgrew his bubblegum pop packaging. (Hey, I was a Duranie or a pre-Directioner. At least Duran Duran played their own instruments although Simon Lebon’s lyrics sound like he wrote them on a cocaine high.) I am not a music critic, only a happy listener.

The Mary Sue, one of my favaourite websites, already has a piece discussing the song as a way to kick off 2021 with optimism. It also talks about the gender-bending going on from clothes to the choreography. (The dip at the end!) Styles has driven some online citizens crazy by wearing dresses, and wearing them well, on magazine covers. I think they just proved the song’s point.

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