Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

Update: Mask Mandate returns to Manitoba and…holy cow nobody is playing around this time. See here:

Unpaused Life

I can hear the LibChat notification go off in my sleep. My college began its two-week student event, and no rehearsal can anticipate one technical bug messing things up. The school year has already started, and my to-list takes on the routine of students back in classes, though it’s online.

For the past few weeks, I have jumped on and off WordPress to see the latest on Richard Armitage’s 50th birthday, especially the auction of his Guy of Gisbourne leather jacket. In the middle of fandamonium, Premiere Thranduil, the nickname for Premier Brian Pallister, decided to step down as leader of his party. Did I mention he has a place in Costa Rica and has, on occasion, been there while his government carried on? Also, in the middle of this change came the relaxing of some public health orders after we met our vaccine goals.

Great! I thought restaurants will…

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