Music Monday: Running Up That Hill with Kate Bush

In honour of the extraordinary resurgence of ‘Running of that Hill’ on Stranger Things, I am rerunning this post. I am thrilled a new generation will get to know Kate Bush’s music and 15-year-old me playing the music in my own walkman, punches the air with happiness.

Unpaused Life

While people listened to Top 40 pop or hair metal, Samantha Taylor’s Video hits introduced me to a female solo artist out of Britain with this video:

This video caused me to head to a shop on Portage Avenue downtown, with records on the main floor, then a downstairs section with loads of cassette tapes. I had to take antigen injections for allergies at the Boyd Building nearby, but I had some time to kill and some money to spend. I found the tape, Hounds of Love, and bought it. She belongs to a select group of artists whose tapes I have worn out on that Walkman.

Soon more cinematic videos followed the album. It’s hard to call them ‘music videos’ when they feel like short films with their own score. Cloudbusting comes to mind featuring Bush as the daughter of an inventor played by Donald Sutherland:

Despite taking years between…

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3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Running Up That Hill with Kate Bush

  1. I love Kate Bush ! I haven’t seen new season of Stranger Things yet I think I’ll wait til Pt2 comes out in July and watch it all then but I’m psyched if they are using this song this season! Long love the 80s!! ❤️


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