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Move over, New York Times bestseller list.

Millions of people across the globe turn to WordPress to build their websites and blogs, and we’re proud to say WordPress is home to many bestselling writers and winners of prestigious literary awards and prizes, including the Pulitzer Prize. In other words, we have our own bestseller list!

Take a look at the bestsellers and award winners who use WordPress — and be sure to scroll down to read about the notable works and WordPress-powered websites of twelve authors we’ve handpicked from this impressive list:

Jami Attenberg
Released this monthAttenberg’s third novel, The Middlesteinsis a story of marriage, new and old love, family, and our culture’s obsession with food. In addition to her novels, Attenberg has contributed both fiction and nonfiction to many outlets, from the New York Times and Salon to The Awl and numerous anthologies and zines. We…

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Doing Something Crazy May Be The Sanest Thing I Will Do

In 2008 I did something crazy.  No, I didn't cause the banks to crash and send us all spiralling into a near, economic abyss.  I said 'crazy' not 'insane'.  The nutty thing I did was try out NaNoWriMo for the first time.  Those not familiar with the letters, it stands for National Novel Writing Month.  … Continue reading Doing Something Crazy May Be The Sanest Thing I Will Do

Every so often something comes along to make you laugh out loud, yet at the same time say ‘amen sister.’ This is one of those times.  Thank you M for the heads up about this post.   Mind you I am more of a Richard Armitage girl than a Benedict Cumberbatch groupie. No matter what leanings, this is a love letter to British TV fans everywhere.

So Fetch Daily

Dear British Television,

Why are you trying to kill me? Between the anxiety you induce by making me wait forever for a new series of a show and then the heart wrenching you compel when the show finally comes back, I’m convinced you want me dead. Maybe I’m being a little paranoid and this should only be addressed to the shows you send my television all the way across the pond and not all of British Television… and I guess I can exclude the comedies, although some of them have made me laugh so hard I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped breathing for a second, but still. It’s like you know what you’re doing to me and every other fan out there, and I can just picture some of you (ehm ehm Moffat) sitting in a dark room somewhere wringing your hands while you laugh evilly about what you’ll do to us next.

Waiting for…

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Live From Lacombe

It's safe to say I needed a break.  After working multiple positions, some at the same time, a vacation lasting longer than five days was in order.  A friend of mine moved out to Lacombe to take a cataloging job for a public library system in Alberta.  Lacombe sits not far from Calgary and Edmonton, … Continue reading Live From Lacombe

Entertainment Weekly will feature three different covers to mark Game of Thrones' return. However, this photo is all-out hysterical with a sword subbing as an air guitar.

So Much Happened, So Little Words to Describe It

I attended my first Science Fiction/Fantasy convention.  The Central Canada Comic Con put on by C4 continues to grow on both their guest lists and their attendance.  This year the list includes Nana Vistor (Kira from Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine), Ethan Phillips (Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager) among many others.  I attended three panels:Kate … Continue reading So Much Happened, So Little Words to Describe It


First order of business in this new blog:  change the blogroll.I have lots of interesting places just as much as the next person.  My reader has a 'Geeky Stuff' folder for all the geekiness it can hold.  (Am I spelling that right?  Let me know.)  Plus some new library blogs.  I still like Stephen's Lighthouse, … Continue reading Ch-CH-Changes

Hello? Is There Anyone Out There?

Where do I start?Tens of thousands of blogs are formed every day.  Mine is one of many.  Many are just abandoned or left dormant.  Mine is the latter.  I show up to my page and wonder what the hell do I write about anyway?The subtitle is 'Life, Libraries, and What Lies In Between'.  I read … Continue reading Hello? Is There Anyone Out There?