In The Woods

Off The Wall Writer’s Group

From this diverse writers group comes an anthology revolving around a creature who continues to fascinate and inspire debate. In the Woods brings together short stories, real-life cases, haiku, and much more to inspire fascination, fear, or a few laughs.

Read Local/Buy Local

Off the Wall launched In the Woods at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg on June 30th, reaching number three on its bestseller list during that week. As local authors it only makes sense to launch this collection in Canada’s première independent bookstore.  Simply click the image below, and for *$18.95 enjoy your next beach read.

Mcnally_In the Woods

*Price does not include shipping if ordered online.  Please contact McNally Robinson for details.

Now Available on Kindle

Get your Kindle app from Google Play or itunes store to enjoy In The Woods during your commute or coffee break. Only $3.99 from (Image links to site)

In the Woods Kindle

About the Authors:  Off The Wall Writer’s Group

The name reflects the creativity as well as the types of writing produced by this group.  They have published case studies on paranormal phenomena academic papers, romance novels, historical fiction for young adults with much more in progress.  Some members even blog or tweet about what they read, or about works on progress:

Chris Rutkowski

Blog:  Ufology Research (

Twitter:  @ufologyresearch

Susan Rocan

Blog:   mywithershins (

Twitter:  @SusanRocan

Cas Courcelles

Twitter: @cascourselles

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