Coming To A Stop

I ignored the signs. I nearly cried in meetings, felt rage, and couldn't sleep. I still can't sleep through the night as I write this post at 4:40 am. On Friday, January 28, I fell apart. When I booked it in the fall (it feels like a lifetime ago), the two weeks off were breathing … Continue reading Coming To A Stop

First Day Back

Today was my first day back at work, and the timing for these new Richard Armitage pictures proved perfect. Everyone, well, many people, talked about the cream-coloured sweater in a photo spread for a recent article. The one with the plaid shirt and tie was not the look or the book catching my eye in … Continue reading First Day Back

Anniversay Day

I remembered why I set up this blog, originally called 'Stacks and Ranges,' in the first place. I wanted to create a place to write about what I liked, and if others like them, great! Hard to believe a decade has done by.

Meanwhile, While on Christmas Break

If I told you I got a box of KN95 masks from my local liquor store for free, would you believe me? Welcome to the surreal Christmas of 2021. I reminded myself 'Omicron' is part of the WHO's efforts to not stigmatize places first identifying the variant. At first, I thought it also sounded like … Continue reading Meanwhile, While on Christmas Break

A K.I.S.S. for Christmas

I had a draft about Christmas and the James Webb telescope, then saw the metaphor fall apart. I decided to give a K.I.S.S. and not the smoochy type because there are too many of you. The holidays were always hard for people and this year multiplied it for many more. I am taking an online … Continue reading A K.I.S.S. for Christmas

Music Monday: Get Me Through December by Natalie McMaster & Alison Krauss The track appears on McMaster's album In My Hands, released in 1999 I used to like December. I like almost being done school, knowing Christmas was around the corner, and another year winding down before stepping into a new one. Even while working, first at a restaurant job, then in book retail, with a … Continue reading Music Monday: Get Me Through December by Natalie McMaster & Alison Krauss

When the Universe Throws You a 6’2 inch LifeLine

When someone asks me, 'How's work?' providing a response needs its own choreography. Our department had changed before Covid and during the lockdown, things accelerated as we shifted to online services. In short, we are stressed and what keeps me from going over the edge as everyone else was on that same edge. I ignored … Continue reading When the Universe Throws You a 6’2 inch LifeLine

Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

After seeing the top songs and artists I listened to in 2021, let's see who might make next year's list. A recap When I like a track, it gets played on a loop. The more loops it gets played, the more it ends up on my 'Repeat' playlist, before the shock I played a song … Continue reading Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

Picking My Online Spaces

I started blogging with Livejournal way back in 2003. I had to get a code to access the site and found myself posting my thoughts and enjoying the process. Facebook didn't happen until 2007 when I started my Library and Information Technology program. Many classmates made up my earlier friend's list, and it taught me … Continue reading Picking My Online Spaces

Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

December begins the month of winding down and looking back. Before those end-of-year lists arrive in bunches, first comes Spotify Wrapped or, as I like to call it, how much time I spend with my earphones on at the office. By 'office,' I also include at home. On social media, people present their findings for … Continue reading Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped