Midweek Geekiness: Welcome Back Westeros!

How do I follow-up the emotional gut-punch called season 4 of The Walking Dead?  By trading in Kirkman's deadly pen for George R.R. Martin's even deadlier pen.  Welcome to season 4 of Game of Thrones.  I tried to put it in bold typeface, but it's safe to say any discussion of Game of Thrones will … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Welcome Back Westeros!

Midweek Geekiness: Getting Nerdy in the New Year

Fire up Your PVRs, DVRs, or *Cough* Favourite Torrent Sites Hear that high-pitched squeeing...it's Sherlock fans beside themselves in the UK for the return of the third series.  (It's season to North American Folk, but I like 'series' it's more dignified, at least I think it is.) After smashing hearts with Dr. Who on Christmas, … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Getting Nerdy in the New Year